About Us


Your best Choice for Handmade Alpaca Products

Inca's Inc. is a family owned and operated, multi-generational wholesale manufacturer. We provide the world's highest quality alpaca products to retailers all over the world. We raise our Alpacas in their natural habitat between 14-18 thousand feet above sea-level in the Andes Mountains of southern Peru.  

Commitment to Quality

Quality is defined in the dictionary as "the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something".

This is our driving force, to make the finest products possible for our customers.

We believe to make the best, you must start with the highest quality raw materials. After shearing, all alpaca fiber is hand graded before spinning into yarns. This ensures the yarns we use match perfectly to the product we are producing.


They say the devil is in the detail.

At Inca’s Inc, no detail is too small, every stitch is checked and checked again, no product leaves our factories until it has undergone intensive inspection. Making sure each Inca’s product really live up to our motto: worlds finest alpaca products.

Timeless designs meets modern manufactring

At Inca's, we have our own inhouse design team. Much of what we make is based on classic styles.  The world of fashion spanning the last 500 years has produced many standout styles, our design team updates and in many cases reinvents items for modern manufacturing techniques.


Welcome to our world of products

From apparel to stuffed animals, slippers to rugs, Incas is the manufacture of the world’s finest alpaca products.