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The real Incan treasure was not gold, it is Alpaca

Inca's Inc. is a very old family collective, we raise and shear all of our own alpacas in the high Andes Mountains of Peru. Each family member is an important part of the company with responsibilities to the family business. Our Goal is to bring the most luxurious Alpaca products to the world.

To make the best, you have to start with the best!

We believe the key to producing the world’s finest products is starting with the finest raw materials. For this reason, all alpaca fiber we use is hand-graded. The fiber is separated for color, length of fiber and the micron width (softness). It then goes to washing and spinning and coloring. We make all of our own Natural dyes which are biodegradable and eco-friendly compared to synthetic dyes.

Synthetic dyes have carcinogenic properties, can cause health problems, respiratory diseases, irritations for our workers, our customers and pollution for our Earth.


It takes a long time
to get it right

The people of ancient Peru knew well the fiber of alpaca, Alpacas have been domesticated for over four thousand years in the southern Andes of Peru.

Our family combines the ancient knowledge of alpaca fiber with modern manufacturing methods. Exceptional workmanship and a eye to detail, that is the secret to knitting and weaving the most luxurious alpaca clothing and textiles in the world.

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